Marias Elward Tisid

High King of the Holy States


Marias Tisid is a very large man, standing almost seven feet tall with very broad shoulders. He has small patches of silver scales around his shoulders, elbows, knuckles, and chin. Furthermore, his Aasimar heritage has given him eyes and hair the color of gold, the latter of which he keeps cut fairly short.

A man of sport at heart, Marias is said to wear two swords at all times, one for self defense, and the other being one of the finest paper sabers ever made. In actuality, Marias more often wears one, or even no swords on his person depending on the situation – though a fine rapier is a favored accessory of his. Marias is also known for favoring a style of one-shouldered cape that would allow him to use the cape as a tool for distraction and diversion in combat.


Marias, unlike his elder brother, has always been a man of the physical rather than the mental – which is not to say he isn’t bright. He is said to have some skill with wizardry and sword play a like.

In fact he is such a sports enthusiast that it was on his urging that his brother, Nathanial the Just, helped found the Midnight Winter Duel in Golir. At the start of the competition Marias was a competitor, but he was quickly out-paced by more skilled duelists and now involves himself much more with administering and managing the event, including issuing the invitations to its participants.

Marias is also a very charismatic person and is known to be very popular dance partner at balls and parties. It’s said that queues sometimes form for a chance to dance with the prince.

Following the death of his brother Nathanial the Just by the Golden Bolt , Marias was crowned High King of the Holy States on the 9th day of the 9th moon’s waxing, 1658, and 13 days later announced his intention to marry Sana Roshan. On the 11th day of the 10th month, they were wed.

Marias Elward Tisid

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