Maesra Naimi of Hramn

Duchess of Hramn, Knight of the Holy States


Maesra is a celebrity of sorts in the Holy States. Aside from being the only heir of the now late Duke of Hramn, Maesra is an exceptional Mage Blade Duelist who in fact holds the current record for the highest number of adolescent and youth dueling tournament wins as well as being the youngest contestant ever invited to the Midnight Winter Duel.

Despite being a Duchess and also holding the (mostly honorary) title of a knight of the court of Golir, Maesra is (perhaps somewhat secretly) not the most polite, or well-behaved member of the Holy States nobility.

Maesra also does not currently rule her duchy directly. She has forgone formally taking up the responsibilities of ruling (which she readily admits she is not yet ready for) and instead allows her elven mother to rule in her stead for the time being.

War History:

  • The Assassination of Lord Havek: Maesra was present when Lord Havek of Ackerly was assassinated, and helped ride-down and capture the culprit.
  • The Battle of Lisil: Maesra fought on the first and second days of the Battle of Lisil before agreeing to be strategically removed to the city.
  • The Battle for Alsint: Maesra participated in front-line fighting during the battle for Alsint, and served as a translator between Luther Ritter and some of the native city defenders.
  • The Battle of Sine: Maesra lead the forces of house Hramn during the Battle of Sine, who were all but annihilated during the initial wave of the attack, at which time Maesra was badly wounded and forced to retreat. Later in the battle she helped organize remaining soldiers to guard and guide evacuees from Sine, and personally lit the fire that sealed the fate of Marcella’s Martyrs along with the vast majority of the enemy forces.

Major Scars:

  • Left Arm: Maesra’s left bicep bears a nasty scar suffered from a through-and-through shot from a rifle during the Battle of Sine.

Maesra Naimi of Hramn

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