Maean Ti'Kaln


Standing at a noteworthy 6 feet 4 inches in humanoid form, Maean Ti’Kaln is a slightly heavy-set young man who sports a rather jovial grin seemingly at all times. He has a very dark complexion and shaves his head. Maean dresses in fairly plain clothes but wears a cutlass on his belt.

In draconic form Maean has scales the color of copper and prominent ridges along his neck and tail.


Maean Ti’Kaln is very smart. He has only been sailing for about 5 years, but has already learned about as much about navigation and ships as most sailors learn in 10. In fact, Maean was (at least according to his own testimony) let go from a previous ship because the captain of the vessel thought Maean made the rest of the crew look stupid in front of clients.

Maean was been hired by Quentin Longtooth as a part of the crew of the Antali, and has been friends with Quentin since – generally willing to go along with almost anything that will give him the chance to see the world, meet new people, and have fun new experiences.

Following Maean’s recent study of wizardry he has gained a familiar – a parrot called Ymris who speaks fluent Daenan.

Maean Ti'Kaln

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