Kriefosal is a woman of strange appearance indeed. Her features are not quite similar enough to almost any humanoid race to wager much of a guess at her heritage upon sight.

Undeniably, she has some amount of goblin in her as her stature and slightly grey skin tone suggest. Furthermore, it’s quite evident that her heritage includes a race with a tendency toward fair skin tones and rather a bit more height than most goblins. But what is most remarkable is that she also possesses a pair of tall, slightly back-swept horns sprouting from the top of her head, surrounded by short-cropped locks of light-brown hair which seems nearly golden in the sunlight. Finally, and perhaps most confusing of all, hear ears are quite long, and hang down nearly to her shoulders like the ears of some dogs and cows.

Notably, Kriefosal now wears a light, custom-fitted chain shirt with a small plate over the left side of the chest painted to depict a silver rose with purple petals. The emblem denotes her as a Golirian soldier who has received a commendation for exceptional bravery.


According to her own story on the subject, her father was an elf from the Olu’Lansi whose mother had been a half-fiend, and her mother was a goblin whose grandmother had been a half-celestial. This means that she is both a tiefling and an aasimar, however even she has trouble recounting her heritage precisely.

Never-the-less Kriefosal is a fearless patriot and a loyal warrior with a strong sense of personal freedom. And though she can be brutal at times, at others she can prove to be a fairly fun-loving person and an insightful friend.

War History:

  • The Battle of Lisil – Kriefosal stood with the defenders of the palisade during the first day of fighting in the Battle of Lisil. After volunteering to lead an assassination aimed at one or more leaders of the Nada’Athi forces during the night, Kriefosal was captured. On the morning following her hands were cut off and she was sent back to the Golirians with a message.
  • The Haven Skirmish – Kriefosal was part of the fight with Karistal outside the Haven of Amranthine Luminance. She was nearly killed in the fight, but as a soldier in service to Golir she was presented an award for bravery for ensuring such a powerful enemy did not go unopposed that day.
  • Enchi ground-war: Second Phase – Kriefosal marched with the portion of the Golirian army which swept west-to-east across northern Enchi stamping out the last of the Nada’Athi-loyal forces in the region. Kriefosal participated in multiple special assignments during the campaign, including helping disrupt the leadership of the 5th Enchi Infantry in Gulorn resulting in the surrender and flight of the majority of their forces.
  • Battle for the Goblin Palace – After being given orders to defend the town of New Jorintiat from a possible Ettin threat, Kriefosal helped fight off several magically empowered Ettins and the shamans accompanying them.

Permanent Injury:

  • No Hands: During the Battle of Lisil, Kriefosal was captured by the enemy and used to deliver a message back to her allies. But first they cut off both her hands.
    – - However, Kriefosal now has working magical prosthetic hands.
  • Burn Scaring: In the course of fighting Karistal, Kriefosal’s right leg was very badly wounded both by a deep gouge and by severe burning. Though the leg was magically healed sufficiently not to be crippled, the burn scarring that remains is quite startling if ever shown. Wisps of the same burn-scarring can be seen on other parts of her body as well, but the worst of it is on her right leg.
  • Torso Slash Scar: Though magical healing has helped reduce the scarring potential of this wound to its most minimal degree, Kriefosal still bears a long, thin line from the upper right side of her abdomen down and across her stomach given to her by an ettin’s greatsword.


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