Karmi Yusnof

Archmage of Golir


Karmi looks like a relatively young human man with short mostly-black (it has begun to grey) hair. However his looks are deceiving as he is in fact in his mid 50’s – a fact that shows more in his mannerisms than his general appearance.


In the late spring of 1658, Karmi in his role as Archmage, attempted a Legend Lore of Ubin Totulak. However when he completed the spell he saw a vision in addition to the other information he gained. In the vision he saw a ritual done, and upon completion of the ritual and the vision, his eyes were burned from his sockets.

He has since received a pair of glass eyes enchanted by a ritual designed by Luther Ritter which give him some of his vision back. It is far from perfect, but as Karmi put it the day he got them “at least I can see doorways and stairwells now.”

Karmi Yusnof

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