Iyanil of the Bloody Crown

Queen of the Itchil; Queen of the Bloody Crown


Iyanil is a woman of a somewhat severe and intimidating demeanor. She is an old elf, past her middle age, and shows her years in the creases on her face. Her attire, like her seriousness, never seems to change much. Iyanil wears – even to court – an ornate mithril breastplate given to her as a gift from the elven community of Alsint and a pair of masterfully crafted swords which feature sizable blue and green pommel stones.

Finally, and perhaps most famously, Iyanil is known for wearing the Bloody Crown of the Itchil. The crown was given to her by the former King Sahres after he became a vampire and found himself unable to walk in the sunlight without being destroyed. The story goes that a thief tried to take the crown from Iyanil during the Planar War by assaulting her in a darkened alley way, and that it is his life-blood that coats the crown even though those events were over 400 years ago. Due to the enchantments of crown, it is, in fact, true that it is still the same, original blood which coats it to this day, striking fear into the hearts of any on whom the ire of its wearer is directed.


The story of Iyanil’s life is well recorded in the libraries of both the Itchil and of Golir. She, along with the dragon Minirnatranoskktan, are considered to be the only surviving Heros of the Planar War.

Iyanil grew up among her people toward the end of the 1500 year period of their entrapment beneath the surface in The Chasm. She was a soldier, like many of the Itchil, and she served her King dutifully throughout the period of her people’s return to the surface and the beginning of the Kret Lansi – the City of the Sun. However, when the forces of Yurikamilish killed almost all of her people, and forced a terrible fate down onto their king, it fell to Iyanil to salvage the last of her culture and to re-build her people.

In the last 400 years Iyanil has almost single-handedly rebuilt a culture from the brink of its extinction, and has helped rebuild the population through both recruitment and having personally born more children than most elves have in three life times. Furthermore she has become known as a smith of some repute, especially with regards to armor smithing – which was part of how she managed to fund the raising of a full and healthy community.

Iyanil of the Bloody Crown

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