Igretaliskora Namiofraaltrak

Tenth Duke of Asmod


Igretaliskora Namiofraaltrak is a 900 foot tall, dark-blue monstrosity with only the most vague resemblance of a humanoid form. It has two long, powerful arms that end in four-sided pincer-like “hands”, and a total of six, satyr-like legs that end in hooves as big around as a house (Gargantuan size). Each hoof is adorned with thousands of tendrils that can reach up to 10 feet away to grapple opponents.

Finally, atop this massive beast is an enormous head with an equally enormous horn on either side.


Igretaliskora Namiofraaltrak, or “Iggy” as the other dukes call him, is considered the premier musician in all of Asmod. Not only does he have an excellent singing voice which can be heard for several miles away, but the tendrils on his hooves are capable of playing most string and percussion instruments. Furthermore he is incredibly skilled in six-legged tap-dance which is a rare performance art even in Asmod.

Iggy has been booked in venues in every dukedom of Asmod, and was even once booked in Celestia – though he had to wear an entire suit made of lead so audience members wouldn’t try to smite or banish him.

Iggy is the patron demon of selling one’s soul for artistic talent and fame, and is very strict about enforcing verbal agreements. A story goes that Iggy once promised – while extremely drunk – to play an entire symphony by himself, so the next day when he sobered up he figured out how to turn his hoof tendrils into a symphony orchestra.

Iggy’s favorite color is the darkness of your corrupted soul.
Iggy’s favorite music genre is the screams of the damned (the screams of the soon to be damned is a close second).
Iggy’s favorite instrument is your fifth vertebrae.

Igretaliskora Namiofraaltrak

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