Hector Westmiller

So-called "Prince" Hector


A strikingly good-looking human man in his early 20’s, Hector has shoulder-length brown hair, a thin goatee, and bright blue eyes. He dresses in light, comfortable clothing, with his outfits generally fitting a central theme reminiscent of the theater. Hector is also known for sporting a small, but charming, smile most days.


Hector is a popular topic of conversation among the gossips and the starry-eyed dreamers of Keland, due in large part to his fairy-tale history. To his admirers, and more teasingly to many servants of the Palace in Dragon’s Throne, he is called “Prince Hector” despite having no such legal title.

Hector Westmiller was born in Bastrot in the dukedom of Gotrind, and was not born to wealth or opportunity. Hector’s father had abandoned his mother well before he was born, and Hector’s mother made a quite meager living working with a small acting troupe as a seamstress and a prop maker.

Hector was given very little education as a child, and had to learn his letters and numbers from the troupe’s director and stage master, who far preferred to teach Hector acting and singing rather than reading and counting. By the age of twelve, Hector had learned the basics of acting, sewing, painting, and singing, but was still all but unable to read or count past 100 without difficulty. It was that year, the year in which Hector turned twelve, in which Hector’s mother fell ill with a fever, and ultimately died. Left with little to do but act and sing – which were the only two of the things he had managed to learn which he seemed to be any good with at all – Hector spent the next four years earning room, board, and five copper pieces a week as a member of the acting troupe.

However at the age of 16, Hector’s luck changed. His acting troupe had come to Dragon’s Throne for its biannual visit to the capital, and was set to put on eight performances in six nights in a public park. Hector, who was generally considered better at non-speaking rolls – especially ones for which there was a good excuse to remove his shirt – was playing a daring but foolhardy young man, destined to die each night at the hands of the play’s villain.

For the first nights’ performance more than two hundred people arrived to see the play, by far the largest crowd that the troupe had drawn in the whole time Hector could recall. What was more, many of them were well dressed and adorned with the look of nobility and sophistication about them. Hecotr became quite nervous, and during his most important scene he botched one of his only lines, declaring angrily “You are a friend!” in stead of “You are a fiend!” Though the crowd erupted in laughter and ultimately the play went on without any further errors, the stage master was furious. After the play, Mestaloxram, sister of the Regent, went seeking out the young man she saw on stage earlier, hoping to ask him to model for a painting she was working on. When she found him in the midst of gathering what little he owned and preparing to start a new life, she offered him a job on the spot, and even offered to put him up in the palace until he could afford a place to stay.

Over the following three years the people of Dragon’s Throne and the nation of Keland slowly spread the story of the “pauper turned prince”, which gained even more traction when at the age of 19, Hector was married to Mestaloxram. Hector now lives with Mestaloxram in the palace, and is to some considered one of the notable attractions of visiting the palace, whether for visual admiration or friendly discourse.

Hector Westmiller

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