Cohort of Luther Ritter


Elissan is a middle-height young man in his late teens or early twenties. He has long, black hair, and lightly tanned caucasian skin tone. Despite his slightly awkward and nervous demeanor, Elissan dresses in rather dark, moody attire notably including a long, black, slightly ragged cloak. Elissan always carries with him a cloth bundle.


Elissan grew up Elissan Mishtal – though he doesn’t much like to tell people this. The Mishtal family rule a small area of Brok’Tad at its southern border with the Xio-Shin Empire and are considered to have questionable allegiances by many of the people of Brok’Tad. Furthermore, when he an adolescent, Elissan stole a large sum of money and a valuable family heirloom from his aunt, Gomira, and ran away from her home without permission. He lived several years with his “sister” (cousin by birth) while he studied wizardry and ritual magic. However, Gomira eventually found out where Elissan lived and sent a hired blade to kill him and bring back the sword he stole. Elissan narrowly escaped with his life, and has been on the run ever since.

Recently he has sought out the company of Luther Ritter after hearing from a former colleague that Mr. Ritter was developing a ritual that could help Elissan’s nephew who had lost a limb in an accident.

War History:
Battle for Alsint – Elissan helped the mortar battery during the battle for Alsint, especially using his True Strike spell to intersect enemy projectiles.


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