Drux Longtooth

Half-Brother of Quentin Longtooth


Drux is a goblin of fairly average appearance in most respects. He is not particularly good looking, nor particularly ugly. He is neither notably tall or short. He has a green-grey skin tone, and a somewhat athletic build.

His personal equipment includes a two-bladed sword and a pair of pistols – though one of the pistols was “lost” during an arrest (stolen by his half-brother).


Half brother of Quentin Longtooth. As a general rule, he hates Quentin. Unfortunately for Drux, he is also not exceptionally smart and is oft out-witted by Quentin.

According to Drux’ story, he became a soldier in the Nada’Athi armies when the war started. He was assigned to a sergeant whom Drux convinced to conduct ground-level total war against undefended Golirian villages with the primary intent to steal money, jewelry, and other valuables from the unprotected. However, when his sergeant started having second thoughts, Drux and his accomplice Klaeni tricked their sergeant along with another soldier into walking directly into a Golirian ambush whilst Drux and Klaeni escaped on stolen horses.

In the fall-out from these actions Drux happened to meet his half-brother Quentin, attempted to frame Quentin, and tangled with the local authorities in Port First repeatedly.

Drux ultimately cooperated with Golirian forces to facilitate the invasion of Port First in exchange for clemency, but was killed in combat only moments after the fighting began.

Drux Longtooth

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