Coenbalt Orisalmi

Orc Mercenary / Assassin


Tall and lean, Coenbalt is a picture of athleticism. He is always dressed and ready for combat, and wears dark wraps over his body (including his face) at almost all times, as if prepared to sneak about at a moment’s notice. Coenbalt is also rarely seen without his dog, a well-trained mutt of medium stature (relative to other dogs).


Coenbalt is the bastard son of Dowlind Orisalmi, a regional governor of a poor, northern region in Enchi. Coenbalt takes care of his aging goblin mother, Taertik, and was been a benefactor of the town of Jorintiat where he lived before the majority of the village moved east to avoid the war. For a time he acted as a sort of assistant / co-leader of New Jorintiat alongside Kurika, but now acts as her Deputy Marshal.

Coenbalt is a firm believer in goblin and orcish autonomy, but has what most people would consider a questionable sense of morality, and was known to take very violent mercenary work in the past without batting an eyelash.

Major Injury:
Crippled Chest – While ambushing a pair of Ettins in the Dark Woods, Coenbalt was targeted with an enormous sling-thrown boulder which broke 5 of his ribs and left him on death’s door-step. Thanks to the quick work of Kurika his life was saved.

Shortly after beginning the settlement of New Jorintiat, Coenbalt befriended a wild dog whom he continues to refer to simply as “Dog”. He has already trained Dog thoroughly, and Dog defends Coenbalt with its life.

Tricks: Fetch; Guard; Track; Come; Down; Attack

Coenbalt Orisalmi

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