Belik "Halfhand" Selkrat

Elected Grand Merchant from 1657 - 1659


Belik is a fairly tall goblin, standing nearly 4 feet from head to toe, before adding the 2 inch lift that his boots give him. He is in his late middle-age with very little hair left on his head. Belik dresses in a manner that displays his opulence quite prominently. He wears fine silks, and soft cottons, with plenty of gold and silver jewelry to match.

Notable among Belik’s wardrobe is a specially tailored glove he wears on his right hand to conceal his disfiguring injury. The glove is adorned with a custom minted gold coin which is sewn into the back of the glove. The coin ’s face depicts a goblin man and a goblin woman standing back to back, each wearing elaborate crowns.


Belik “Halfhand” Selkrat got his nickname from a now slightly famous incidence of bravery. When younger, Belik traveled with a smaller caravan which was frequently approached by thieves and bandits whom the merchants usually bribed to leave them alone. However, on one such occasion apparently the bandits did not think the bribe they were offered was sufficient and attacked anyway. During the fight, purportedly Belik saved a fellow merchant’s life by catching a swinging sword with his bare, right hand. In the process Belik lost a very significant portion of the hand, including his middle, ring, and pinky fingers.

This story did not become even relatively well known until several years later when Belik became Grand Merchant in 1657. Belik actually campaigned to be Grand Merchant in 1654 as well, but was not very open with the community and did not gain very much support.

Belik is almost never without his wife Qualla Selkrat who both helps him manage his schedule and whose silver tongue he relies on in negotiations.

Belik "Halfhand" Selkrat

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