Anghella of Tsanwao Island


Anghella of Tsanwao Island has light brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a tan complexion. She dresses not unlike any other sailor, though wears a pistol and a dagger on her belt most of the time.

Due to an injury sustained in the line of duty, Anghella’s left arm, shoulder, and upper left chest have severe burn scarring – however since she got those scars she has gone out of her way to wear clothing that conceals them.


Anghella of Tsanwao Island is a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy, an excellent boatswain, and a ship enthusiast of sorts. She has a somewhat flighty and distant personality normally, but can be very serious and down-to-task when it matters.

Anghella is the assigned boatswain and lead helmsman of the Oenira.
Anghella is now the captain of the Pellia.

War History:

  • The Bombardment of Bracano: Anghella and a small handful of crew from the Oenira were present on the ship just outside Bracano during its bombardment. When an enemy vessel discovered the Oenira’s hiding place, Anghella, Agamemnon Zhang, and five other crew members worked together to capture 2 enemy officers, destroy an Golirian War Galleon, and narrowly escape capture by the enemy fleet.
  • Near Capture at Telac’Dai: The Oenira was forced into port by a Golirian patrol ship near Telac’Dai, and when their cover as a trade vessel was about to be pierced, a fight broke out in order to make a hasty escape, during which Anghella was badly wounded by an enemy wizard. The only reason that Anghella still has use of her left arm after the incident is thanks to the quick offer of a potion of healing from Agamemnon Zhang.
  • Defeat of the Folridge: Captaining the Pellia, and coordinating with the Oenira, Anghella and her crews successfully sank the Folridge, a top-class Golirian warship with minimal casualties – though some extensive damages to the Pellia.
  • The Battle of Eraza: Steering the Oenira, Anghella participated in an ambush of a Golirian warship retro-fitted as a highly defensible cargo vessel.
  • Defense of the Jayendra: Acting as boatswain of the Oenira, Anghella participated in a battle against pirate forces attempting to collect a bounty on a disguised Nada’Athi cargo vessel.

Anghella of Tsanwao Island

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