Amir Am'Tufira

Captain of the Korreandos


A human man in his early 30’s, Amir Am’Tufira has the look about him of someone with distant, mixed heritage. Amir has platinum-blonde hair and his ears taper just enough to hint at some amount of elven ancestry, and a certain oddity of his facial structure seems reminiscent of dwarven influence as well.

Amir also has the look about him of someone who is over-worked and over-stressed. Though it is difficult to see from a distance, a very close inspection of Amir’s hair reveals that it is beginning to fade white, his skin sports a heavy tan from life on the open seas, and his face shows early signs of creasing, especially at the corners of the eyes.

Amir dresses much like any sailor, excepting that he wears a small listening horn on a lanyard around his neck.


Amir Am’Tufira is the proud captain of the Korreandos, a mid-sized shipping vessel out of Lalsim. He is not shy about the fact that he worked very hard to become captain of his own ship, and encourages his crew to be equally ambitious.

Due to having a very eclectic and spread-out family – Amir has an established trade relationship with merchants in the Nada’Fan, the Obsidian Isles, the Kingdom of Golir, and on the island of Hargos in Leiln. With the beginning of the war Amir has attempted to devise a route through the Merchant Sea which will protect his ship from suspicion by the various naval forces therein.

Amir Am'Tufira

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