An adult or young-adult dragon whose physiology does not match any known dragon species, whose scales are as black as pitch, and whose body constantly emits a slow, wafting smoke which seems to be able to move through physical barriers. Amiona herself is corporeal and can be touched, but her body is cold to the touch.


Amiona’s egg was not lain in the plane of shadows, but it did hatch there, and though she was able to learn the basics of the draconic language from hearing other dragons talking near her while she was in the egg, she knows little of the mortal realm or anything in it.

Amiona is known to have no need for eating, drinking, breathing, or sleeping, and her breath weapon suppresses at least some spells with the light descriptor, including ever-burning torches.

She has been brought out of the shadow plane, and is being slowly allowed more and more freedom in her quest to experience and explore new things, particularly under the watch of Tidiolkras, Golshan, and Saricel.

Though this information has been kept relatively quiet, it is possible that Amiona was lain as a clutchmate of Tidiolkras and her other siblings.


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