Amia Serogitelie

A curious fey-bred with a sense of mild wanderlust


Amia stands about five feet tall with a slender build. Amia has somewhat short, mint-green hair which forms almost perfect ringlets about as big around as his pinky finger. Amia’s skin tone is a very light greyish-brown with sparse black spots ranging in size from those of the average freckle to some almost half the size of his palm. Amia’s irises are the color of the summer sky at high noon on a clear day.


Amia was born to an Elven mother and a Gnomish father, the 2nd of 4 children. Amia’s family lived outside Alsint in the Olu’Lansi, though Amia left home when he reached physical adulthood at 11 years old. He traveled south to Dragon’s Throne where he lived for about a year as a thief and a vagabond, then traveled further south to Capital City where he apprenticed under a city guard captain to learn martial combat and tactics. After about a year of martial training, Amia began traveling to Leiln, intending to learn the trade of a privateer, but through a rather complicated series of events beginning with an attack by a Nada’Athi vessel at sea, Amia ended up being imprisoned by a mage whose home he broke into on Hargos. It was in this prison that Amia eventually met Zelserys Anorallath and ultimately traveled to the Kret Lansi to study the Itchil people and customs.

Amia Serogitelie

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