Nada'Athi Loyalist, Charismatic Leader of the 5th Enchi Infantry


A human in the first year or two of his middle-age, Aeun has mid-length black hair and dark brown eyes with a very dark skin tone.


A loyal supporter of the Nada’Athi empire, Aeun together with a military veteran and noted strategist, Akachi, took control of the 5th Enchi Infantry in the face of a seemingly inevitable defeat by the Holy States and attempted to enact a gather-and-retreat strategy to build strength for prolonged siege, ultimately targeted for Gulorn. Aeun is a career soldier, and formally held the rank of 1st Lieutenant before joining with Akachi to enact their plan.


  • Right Leg – Severe Scarring: After attempting to escape capture at the hands of Kurika, Aeun was hunted down and in the course of his recapture his right leg was broken. Due to quick medical attention his leg shouldn’t remain permanently crippled, but it will bear the scars of an extremely strong wolf bite forever.


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