Atop the Shoulders of Giants

The Plan with the Mostest

With the aim of returning Idoraksila to her body, Luther Ritter, Tsara, and Zelserys Anorallath travel with Sufaer and Lareeclatalmir to Dragon’s Throne where they meet with Mestaloxram, Cassioma, and finally Tidiolkras in attempts to form a viable plan. In the process they form the beginnings of four or five plans at least, with ideas aside that could factor into any, or maybe even form a few more plans unto themselves.

But before they can refine their plans too thoroughly, they receive word that the Steel Fleet (presumably still under the command of Idoraksila) has left the Obsidian Isles and begun raiding small fishing villages along the coast of the Nada’Fan – potentially weakening of the area in preparation for a major assault. Hoping to both prevent further loss of life and perhaps gain leverage that could end the war, the five of them contact Agamemnon Zhang for a rendez-vous and prepare to put their plans into action more quickly than anticipated. After-all, having Legacy along to help should counter-balance the problems created by hasty execution, right?



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