Atop the Shoulders of Giants


Amidst the readying of the Golirian political community to create a new, parliamentary body of government, a team of Nada’Athi-loyal wizards are caught casing the Golirian palace for a violent act of mass murder which they intended to frame none other than Sana Roshan for organizing. Less than a week later, Molaen Saldrot, an apprentice with over two years’ tenure in the Golirian tower of mages, is found to be a Kefran spy. Saldrot’s capture is credited in large part to the vigilence and quick thinking of the visiting scholar and Hardscale Clan member, Prok’tek.

Short days later, Sana receives word that Odewyn Blackwell has fallen terribly ill, and along with Tidiolkras helps him perform the ritual that will give his contribution to Legacy.


You must have two entries for Tidiolkras because the one we can see has a different slug than you’re using. The one you used might be set to GM Only, because it doesn’t act as a link for us.


Yeah, they don’t let you reuse slugs from old campaigns. So the fact that there’s a Tidiolkras page on ToY interferes with the slug for the Tidiolkras page in AtSoG


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