Atop the Shoulders of Giants

Golem Solution

After Prok’tek demonstrates his Mztr Vxit Mk.II for Marias Elward Tisid, Ananth of Golir, and Karmi Yusnof (among others), Sana Roshan is asked to help deal with an emergency involving the Content Not Found: shadow-mirror. After some debate for solutions, it is determined that golems are the best option, and Mztr Vxit is sent to save the day. Later, Golshan and Saricel (Orb) are asked to (and accept the responsibility of) watching after Amiona as she is slowly introduced to the mortal realm.

Finally, 10 additional models of Mztr Vxit Mk.II are requesitioned from Prok’Tek, ensuring work through the next quarter at least.



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