Atop the Shoulders of Giants

True Identities

Agamemnon Zhang and a number of allies march on the Imperial Palace – disguised as a celebratory parade – in order to confront and summarily execute an impostor who has taken the guise of Empress Zhoan Lu Paei. Inside the palace, Agamemnon encounters Igaelia with Orius and a number of attendants who – when informed that there is an impostor – mostly retreat. Igaelia attempts to aid Agamemnon, but is killed by the impostor.

Agamemnon defeats the impostor, discovering that they are an orc fitting the description of the assassin who killed other members of the Imperial family, and after sorting out some issues of innocence and authority – assists the true empress in preparing to find and kill the assassin known as Kurika.

Life and Death

After months of research, days of planning, and hours of nervous prayer, Agamemnon Zhang, Luther Ritter, Prok’tek, Tsara, and Zelserys Anorallath, along with Content Not Found: sufare, Lareeclatalmir, and the respective entourages of all finally execute their plan to relieve Grim Tidings from Idoraksila.

The plan goes surprisingly well in some ways, and surprisingly poorly in others. They retrieve the bow and successfully deliver it to the Cult of Legacy for safekeeping, they and their direct compatriots all successfully extract with no casualties, and they secure the cooperation of the confused and forgetful ghost of Idoraksila. However, as their attack came amidst the Siege of Musai by the Steel Fleet, the defenders of the city of Musai took the opportunity to make an all-in effort to break the siege. Whether the continued siege would ultimately have been better or worse in terms of the loss of life or damage to the city of Musai none shall now know – but the siege is broken in the process.

Meanwhile, as the members of the group return to their respective homes or bases of operation, they discover that Sana Roshan has gone into labor – most likely prematurely – and after almost three days is operated on by a team of almost a dozen physicians and almost half again as many paladins. The procedure is successful in saving the life of both Sana, and the child – the new heiress to the throne of the Holy States.

But while a birth occurs in the north, a death is ordered in the south as Empress Zhaon Lu Paei reveals to Agamemnon that the palace in Lalsim is presently occupied by an imposter, and orders this individual’s immediate demise.

Fire and Lightning

Kurika works with Quentin Longtooth to ‘create a distraction’ while Kurika attempts to assassinate Empress Zhaon Lu Paei. The distraction includes destroying the Sentinal Ship via alchemical explosive device and bombarding shore-side military installations.

The people of Lalsim successfully repel the attacking ships after about a half-hour of fighting, but with two Nada’Athi ships sunk, the Sentinel Ship destroyed, multiple cannon batteries obliterated, and several dock-side warehouses looted. The attacking vessels, on the other hand, successfully retreat after providing their ‘distraction’.

Kurika, on the other hand, does battle with the combined forces of the imperial palace, including the empress, then finds her way to a mountain top as quickly as her addled mind can carry her.

A Lesson in Military Tactics

After meeting up in Ferncomb, Agamemnon Zhang, Luther Ritter, Tsara, and Zelserys Anorallath begin planning to meet up with the remainder of their cohorts and followers, then to proceed with their intentions to free Idoraksila of the bow. However in the process Sufaer is surprise-attacked by a dragon mage. This leads the group to seek shelter on a secluded island, on which they find Prok’tek, then recruit him to help with their plan.

With a large contingent of warriors in tow, the group returns to Lalsim to find the aftermath of an attack on the city and the palace. Without much more than logistical support from the Imperial Admiralty, Agamemnon accepts a mission to sink the flagship of the steel fleet. With this mission also in mind, the group begins setting the final version of their plans.

The Plan with the Mostest

With the aim of returning Idoraksila to her body, Luther Ritter, Tsara, and Zelserys Anorallath travel with Sufaer and Lareeclatalmir to Dragon’s Throne where they meet with Mestaloxram, Cassioma, and finally Tidiolkras in attempts to form a viable plan. In the process they form the beginnings of four or five plans at least, with ideas aside that could factor into any, or maybe even form a few more plans unto themselves.

But before they can refine their plans too thoroughly, they receive word that the Steel Fleet (presumably still under the command of Idoraksila) has left the Obsidian Isles and begun raiding small fishing villages along the coast of the Nada’Fan – potentially weakening of the area in preparation for a major assault. Hoping to both prevent further loss of life and perhaps gain leverage that could end the war, the five of them contact Agamemnon Zhang for a rendez-vous and prepare to put their plans into action more quickly than anticipated. After-all, having Legacy along to help should counter-balance the problems created by hasty execution, right?

Chronic Tentacle Emergence Syndrom

After rescuing Korak, Agamemnon Zhang, Luther Ritter, Zelserys Anorallath, Tsara, and company prepare to head back across the Naelic Ocean while Korak continues her search for family in the Greenlands.

However after setting sail, Agamemnon is struck with a strange and sudden case of illness that ends with the regurgitation of a severed tentacle. This precipitates a revealing visit to Narikasotho’s island.

Following said visit, and a brief – but tense – kidnapping encounter involving Lareeclatalmir and Sufaer, Luther, Zelserys, Tsara, Sufaer, and Lareeclatalmir, along with the still technically living body of Idoraksila manage to secure teleports to the Capital City of Golir, planning to travel between the Capital and Dragon’s Throne in efforts to restore Idoraksila.

A Secret Homecoming

Kurika returns to New Jorintiat, only to stay hidden for the safety of its people. After spending some time developing a new spell, she meets with an old associate to hatch a dangerous plan.

Prok'Tek and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week
Or, How I Ended Up on this Desert Island

Prok’tek spends a couple months finishing the order of golems placed with him by Marias Elward Tisid. As he works he finds time to design and complete a cloth play-golem for the expected child of Marias and Sana Roshan, and to contact and exchange spells with Daphne.

Prok’Tek ultimately expedites the last two models of his production at Marias’ request, then prepares to return home to Svirin. However when Prok’Tek returns to his home he finds that someone has distrubed his belongings in his home. He identifies almost a dozen magical auras in his home that shouldn’t be there, and upon inspecting one closely, is subject to an earth-shattering explosion as eleven obfuscated and trigger-linked explosive-runes spells simultaneously detonate inside his stone home – shattering every one of his golems and only leaving Prok’Tek whole for the fact that he was able to throw himself away from the worst of the blast in the nick of time. Through some quick thinking Prok’Tek is able to gather his golems together and retreat back to Capital City. Over the rest of the day and some of the following, Prok’Tek coordinates with the Svirin militiaman Inspector Aglio, as well as Prok’Tek’s associates at the Sviren Guild of Magical Arts. However before the end of the following ‘day’ in Svirin, Prok’Tek is attacked once again, this time in the open streets of the city. After causing his assailant to retreat, Prok’Tek pursues to re-engage and ultimately falls to his opponent’s attacks – only to be narrowly saved by the last-minute intervention of a by-stander.

While recuperating in a local hospital, Prok’Tek is informed by Inspector Aglio that his descriptions of the assailant lead the militia to the assassin, who resisted attempts to be taken peaceably and fought the militia to the death. A mage on the scene speculates that the individual was undead.

Determined to leave these matters behind, and perhaps hoping to drop in early on a distant colleague, Prok’Tek teleports to Musai the following morning – only to find that the city is actively besieged, and at the time of his teleport, in the midst of active bombardment. Disgusted with his poor luck, Prok’Tek finally determines to teleport to a remote desert island he visited once upon a time. A successful teleport later, Prok’Tek can finally breath a little easy with a little more than two square miles of island, around three dozen palm trees, and open seas to the horizon in every direction…

The Search for Korak

After months of following her sister’s trail, Tsara finds herself in Voltrael as it is being assailed by a horde of zombies. During the attack, she meets Luther Ritter, and following it meets Zelserys Anorallath, and Agamemnon Zhang. But when Lareeclatalmir hears that Korak has left from Voltrael looking for dragon roosts in the mountains, the most competent members of the group quickly head toward the mountains, hoping to find Korak before she can enter a dangerous and deadly tomb, or provide support for her if she has already entered. The experience proves… earth shattering.

The Wonders of Modern Technology

With the help of Prok’tek, Kurika gets a device made to mimic humanoid speech capabilities, then begins heading home to New Jorintiat. In the mean time Prok’Tek continues to make significant progress on his sizable order of golems for the Holy States crown, and completes a minuscule golem instilled with a knowledge of wizardry in his spare time.


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